About me!

I'm a UX Designer currently working at Epic Games on the Fortnite Battle Royale team. My workload involves crafting fun gameplay experiences and introducing new mechanics to evolve the quality of life of Fortnite.

When I’m not heads down at work, you’ll catch me playing through my video game backlog, exploring different cities, playing around in photoshop and on the hunt for delicious dessert recipes!


Why I chose to dedicate my career in Game UX

Video games can evoke powerful emotions. Through these emotions, they can teach you to learn new skills, develop empathy, and create long lasting memories. I've learned all of these things through playing video games. This sparked my passion for wanting to give back what games have done for me and create these same experiences and more for others worldwide.

UX design to me is ensuring the player feels connected, included and immersed in the world around them. Designing meaningful experiences by consulting people from different backgrounds on how to effectively create options that suit their needs. I’m committed to continuous learning and professional development, always exploring the latest in UX design trends and technologies. By this commitment, I know I am always putting my best effort in ensuring the game I am working on is enjoyable, intuitive and easy to navigate.

With that, I strive to grant players the opportunity to play and experience games their way. 🤍