Spider-Verse Menu Design Concept

This project reflects my design thinking process when conceptualzing a menu for a spider-verse game.


Throughout the spider-verse films, the art direction as a whole is a direct homage to classic comic book origins, each frame feeling like an illustration ripped from the page. There is a great emphasis on halftones and misaligned colors expressed throughout the films - with each dimension that represents their prospective spider-person. I tasked myself to create a game menu that invites the player to select a mode to which represents Miles Morale's universe, Earth-1610 and Gwen Stacy's universe, Earth-65.

final product

design process


UI spec


Connecting the player...

I find such joy connecting the player through clear context and fun visuals. Game menus play a much bigger role then just providing information. It's often the first thing the player sees before they engage in the gameplay. Making a menu feels as inviting as the gameplay experiences sets up positive expectations and connects the player to the world they're about to immersive themselves in.